To my dear supporters and friends of our institutions

O Lord, with these things men live,
Due to the Passover holiday coming upon us with goodness, a blessing is sent to you for your special and blessed partnership, your help and support for the thousands of our brothers in Israel, who cannot provide for themselves enough to cover their poverty; and with our mutual powers we bring them light and joy.
May it be that G-d’s blessing will accompany you and will fulfill the passage: “Length of days is in her right hand; and in her left hand are riches and honor.”
With the help of G-d I will continue to petition with prayer for you and for your family members, with the grave of my teacher, my father may he rest in peace, and the rest of the graves of the teachers and sages and the rest of the holy saints.
 May you receive a blessing and success with everything you do, livelihood and great profit, good health and true happiness.
May it be so that we will receive full redemption, eat from the Passover sacrifices in the rebuilt Jerusalem.
With gratitude,
Rabbi YaacovYisrael Ifargan