• 16.03.2016
    In these days before Passover we are putting all of our efforts into distributing food baskets filled with good things for thousands of needy families throughout the country that they may sit around the holiday table and hold a Seder.
  • 06.03.2016
    To my dear supporters and friends of our institutions O Lord, with these things men live, Due to the Passover holiday coming upon us with goodness, a blessing is sent to you for your special and blessed partnership, your help and support for the thousands of our brothers in Israel, who cannot provide for themselves enough to cover their poverty; and with our mutual powers we bring them light and joy. May it be that G-d’s blessing will accompany you and will fulfill the passage: “Length
  • 06.03.2016
    יתקיים אי"ה ביום חמישי ח' בתמוז התשע"ו (14.07.2016) במתחם הציון הקדוש - קריית שלום - נתיבות.