Wondrous Stories

  • “About two years ago I came to his honor the Rabbi in order to get his blessing for a match. Through your aide I was told that my match had been delayed, and you blessed me by way of your aide Nissim’s telephone. The day after you blessed me, I met a lovely man named S., and because I liked him I made a vow that if one day we marry I will make a donation to the institution in honor of the Rabbi in the amount of 1,001 NIS. Thus, esteemed Rabbi I am happy to tell you that a month ago S. and I we
  • “I am a seventeen year old, a student in the 11th grade, who suffered from such intense pain in my legs that it was difficult for me to walk. I went to a doctor, who sent me to have blood tests; that was on a Thursday. On Friday morning I got an urgent call from the doctor: one of the results for CPK, that has a normal range with a maximum of 180 was for me at 6,400. This result seemed to indicate that G-d forbid I might have a serious muscle disease. Without hesitation, my mother sent the re