Weekly Biblical discourses

  • Parashat VeYikra -פרשת ויקרא In Midrash Tanchuma there are three reasons why sacrifices are made from beef animals and sheep and goats but not deer, gazelle, antelope and the like. The first reason is that the Holy One, blessed be He did not trouble man to go out into the forests and chase after deer and gazelles, telling them instead bring me from what you already have at home, cattle and sheep and goats. The second reason is that other animals are proud and useless, and never suffers the burd
  • Parashat Tzav Here Purim is a day that is sacred and sublime in which a Jew achieves understanding and transcendence such that our sacred Rabbi Itzhak (Ari) said that Yom Kippur is like Purim, i.e. that Purim is grander even than Yom Kippur. The main thing about observance of Yom Kippur is the awe and the fear, but the observance of Purim is about joy, and worshipping G-d in joy is more important than serving Him in awe and fear, of which there was in the acceptance of the Torah in coercion ("an
  • Pesach Says the Zohar (Parshas Tetzaveh page 183b) that who eat the matzah "Nama Daswata" [medicinal bread], are cured in their souls and thus the children of Israel were granted the exodus from Egypt and the faith of G-d. In other words, eating matzah brings faith in God. That, we understand, is the essence of Passover. On Passover is our job to instill a belief in God by a story of the miracles that befell our ancestors when they made the Exodus from Egypt, and great emphasis is given to thep